Lifecycle managment
Asset Preservation


Poseidon Maritime Services has extensive experience in vessel life-cycle management and specialized in technologically demanding assets. We are able to assist our customers assessing, maintaining and extending the vessel life-cycle to create added value from design to demolition. Our emphasis in value creation is with continuous life-cycle management where the focus is with main economical contributors from ongoing onboard maintenance, scheduled docking, refurbishments to system upgrade projects.


Our professional technical team monitor vessel condition and performance via regular reporting from the vessel and thorough onboard inspections.
We ensure that Owners are getting the maximized outcome from their high value assets that are fully maintained, surveyed and audited to comply with all applicable requirements and legislation.


Our company can provide you with a complete ship lay-up solution. We can provide you with the safe, cost-efficient and secure locations for lay- up and follow through all necessary procedures.
Lay-up management is paramount for handling the wide range of technical and financial issues that arise when taking vessels out of service for a certain period of time.

Technical Management

We offer a tailor-made technical management service designed to suit your specific requirements whether it is new-building, conversion or repair of your assets.

We offer full Technical Management Services including every aspect of operating and managing a vessel safely, efficiently and effectively in accordance with Owner’s needs, in line with the ship’s design and the requirements of insurers, flag states, classes, charterer’s, ISM Code and in accordance with the highest industry standards and services.

That includes plan approvals, build supervision, sale and delivery and full vessel operational management incorporating crewing, purchasing, insurance, surveys and accident investigation, every aspect of monitoring of the vessel conditions, the vessel’s performance, vessel operations,  project maintenance, regular condition assessment, dry docking, deck/engine maintenance, and repair planning and supervision, budget control, certification and vetting and other matters in order to take care of a vessel throughout asset life time.

All of our customers are very important to us, irrespective of their size, so we allocate or experienced technical superintendents to continually monitor vessel operation, performance and condition via:

Regular condition assessments and performance monitoring
Planned and projected maintenance
Dry dock planning and supervision
Surveys, certification and vetting

In addition to the above, our Technical Superintendents and Marine Consultants oversee vessel repairs and docking, Flag State and Class liaison.

Owners will have access to reports and data of managing the asset as required by their needs and expectations at any time, whereby we emphasis on high quality and complete transparency.

Quality & Safety Management (QHSE)

We believe that with the rise of regulations and competitive pressures, the role of dedicated Quality, Health, Safety & Environment  officers has increased significantly.
Whereas the safety part is typically not disputable, as it is about colleagues health and life, the quality part of the role always has to find the right balance between helping the operative work to improve quality without overly increasing administrative burden.

Highest safety standards are needed to ensure that any threats and risks to crew, ships, environment, and thereby for our customers, are kept to the minimum. Compliance with national and international rules and regulations is an essential basis for accomplishing this.
A stringent quality management system brings confidence that the consistently high quality of our services is achieved and help to identify new potential for optimization.
For the interest of our partners and customers all activities are monitored by means of an operations management system to ensure implementation of improvements with a maximum efficiency.

All company employees are constantly working to improve and further enhance our quality standards and to harness further potential in that field of activity.


The procurement of spares, supplies and services is another elementary task of every ship manager to keep the vessel ready to sail. It is difficult to overemphasize the importance of proper procurement of stores, spare parts, and supplies for ships. Our procurement Services provide full support and service to the units under our management. This can be from the supply of all initial stores to the supply of major machinery equipment.  For the stores we not only quote from the immediate operation  location but worldwide to calculate the best price, including shipping, for Owners to receive best value for money.   For major machinery we assist in full from door to door with conducting the best evaluation of quotations, the ordering process and subsequent follow up to keep the delivery time on track from manufacturer to the end destination for delivery on board.  Full planning of the manufacturing, delivery and transport time with the maker and shipping agents is required to ensure the supplies are delivered in time.

With a highly skilled and experienced procurement officers with significant  shipping experience per person we provide the vessel with a complete supply and quality service and also provide the Owners with an all year round ultimately best value procurement package.

Financial Management

Financial Management is the foundation of our organization; planning, organizing, directing and controlling the financial activities.

We have implemented operational controls to integrate all functions of the organization and provide guidance and feedback on the financial performance throughout the organization. Our financial accounting standards and systems are giving detailed and transparent information to the relevant parties, using software solutions which are tailor made for the maritime industry.

Our management accounting is providing timely and detailed reports on the financial position and performance of the vessels and projects under our management.

Our purchasing system is directly integrated with our accounting system giving life information on the allocation, availability and forecast of budgets.
Being a privately owned company, we have no pressure to generate profit to investors, instead all effort is put on the actual job.  .


Our understanding is that crewing is a key ship management service and field of competency of any ship manager. We value teamwork and every crew member. At the end, the quality of the work depends on the whole team, not just a single person. The team should also include the shore-side personnel and that what is achieved in our company, we are united and have high level of cooperation between shore offices and our people on board.

We emphasize that training, appraisals and development  are running as a system and not just a single components. We believe that each crew member deserves his own career path to be laid. Via use of active feedback from  superior officers as well as crewing managers we are achieving goals set for crewing department.

Training is other important aspect. By combining on board and onshore training, via use of personal and computer-based training programs we are ensuring learning success and that we have crew that is ready for safety and technical challenges of the modern fleet of advanced vessels.We have implemented electronic integrated crewing solution on board and onshore and  are ready MLC process-wise for upcoming MLC requirements.

Supporting IT systems are helping to get right information to the right places and helping our crewing experts to find the good crew to better serve Owners interests.


Poseidon provides high quality maritime and offshore services, through our passionate, knowledgeable and experienced team. We are committed to developing long-standing relationships with our clients, offering our professionalism, consistency, and above all our ability to respond swiftly to all client needs.



To become the preferred partner and recognized as a highly respected company. To remain at the forefront of modern technologies correlated to our activities, endeavor to improve customer service, to steadily elevate Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality performances and the competences of all our personnel.